About Us

The Kaplon-Belo philosophy

Successful real estate transactions require consideration of all the possibilities. As brokers immersed only in Brooklyn and Queens industrial and commercial real estate, Kaplon-Belo possesses thorough market knowledge plus the creativity and flexibility to solve the problems and “tailor” the transaction. We spend the time to recognize and understand your needs and goals and to expand the possibilities for you. Our services are designed to save you time and extra steps. We eliminate obstacles so that you can avoid getting swamped, or even worse, not getting anywhere at all. Kaplon-Belo is the catalyst that makes deals happen.

Brooklyn and Queens. Commercial and Industrial real estate brokerage. Hard work and hustle. That’s Kaplon-Belo. That is why we are successful. We choose not to be all things to all people – just the most knowledgeable, the hardest working brokers in the one field, in the one geographic area that we know thoroughly. That way you get the benefit of our most specialized service which pulls prospects from all over the metropolitan area to our Brooklyn-Queens market area. – Richard Kaplon

Who’s minding the store? A question jokingly asked so often that its far-reaching implications may be forgotten. Kaplon-Belo hasn’t forgotten them. That’s why you’ll find Dick and me minding the store, seeing to it that you receive the most innovative array of real estate services available along with a unique combination of personal attention and utmost convenience. We don’t just sell property – we sell solutions to problems that require the diligence and expertise that we bring to the table. – John Belo

Kaplon-Belo, when it comes to knowing Brooklyn & Queens.

Relationship. Kaplon-Belo prides itself on the personal and professional relationships it has developed and cultivated over many years with building owners, prospective purchasers and tenants, community and governmental agency leaders, lending institutions, environmental firms, architects, engineers, attorneys and contractors. These long-term relationships stand ready to serve you whether you are marketing your property or are looking for the best solution to your space requirements.

Knowledge. Years of deal-making in Brooklyn and Queens gives Kaplon-Belo the knowledge that is necessary to provide its clients and customers the highest caliber service. We answer many of our client and customer questions but also help them enlist the right people to provide solutions to any complex issues they may have.

Commitment. Kaplon-Belo establishes a committed relationship with each of our clients based on confidence that the optimum results will be achieved. We take the time to understand our customer and client real estate needs and then put our expertise to work satisfying those needs.

Support. Kaplon-Belo’s relationships extend into other realms so necessary in the deal-making process. We work closely with the governmental agencies, zoning experts, financial institutions, architects, engineers, environmental firms, attorneys, and contractors that are so essential to protect your interests both during and after the transaction process.

Dedication. Kaplon-Belo dedicates itself to the entire process of the real estate transaction, which itself is the culmination of marketing, inspections, negotiations, and coordination of all the details.

Kaplon-Belo, the catalyst in making deals happen