At Kaplon-Belo we have a broad range of supporting services which we provide to you. 

Brokerage. Experience, knowledge and street smarts are the three legs of the stool that support Kaplon-Belo’s ability to provide value to our customers and clients looking to sell, lease or purchase commercial real estate. Richard Kaplon and John Belo combined have over 80 years of experience in Brooklyn and Queens commercial real estate. Some associated brokers have over 30 years experience. Junior associates have energy and enthusiasm and are assisted and supervised on a daily basis by senior members of the team.

Kaplon-Belo maintains a database of most available Brooklyn and Queens commercial real estate as well as a separate database of prospective buyers and tenants. We track trends and shifts in the market such as what industries are moving, where and why; what the impact of zoning changes will be; what zoning changes are being contemplated; and what new company move-ins and project developments will mean to a neighborhood Appreciation of these trends and changes combined with lists of available properties and prospects and knowledge of historical prices give us a fully-informed perspective of the Brooklyn and Queens commercial real estate market.

To those selling or leasing commercial property this perspective means complete exposure of their property to those prospects who will put it to the highest and best use, thereby creating the highest value.

To those buying or renting commercial space, this perspective quickly targets the most appropriate space available. Often the right space is not immediately on the market but in those cases we will search out and identify potential candidate space and contact the owners to discuss a possible sale or lease. We will, of course, continue to link customer requirements to new listings coming on the market on an on-going basis.

Financial & Government Assistance. Our knowledge of the real estate marketplace, extensive brokerage experience and work with financial institutions will enable you to cut through the red tape of government-assisted and conventional mortgages.

Investment Property Sales. Our knowledge of absorption rates, comparable sales and rentals, potential for development and supply and demand allows us to evaluate property in terms of long-term potential and current value for investment purposes.