You give us the exclusive; we give you…

To rapidly achieve the most successful conclusion of a real estate transaction, there must be a proven marketing strategy.

The essence of Kaplon-Belo’s strategy is:

  1. Planning the marketing.
  2. Contacting the prospects.
  3. Solving the problems.
  4. Closing the transaction.

Exclusivity. Obviously the successful implementation of this proven marketing strategy demands a substantial financial and man-hour commitment by Kaplon-Belo and a concurrent commitment by our client of an exclusive marketing agreement. The goal of this mutual commitment is to sell or lease the property as quickly as possible at the most favorable price level after exposing the property to the widest and most enthusiastic range of prospects.

Timesaving. Kaplon-Belo will interview the owner, survey and evaluate the property and then compile all data to determine the property’s positive and negative selling features. Our clients save all the time and aggravation that would otherwise be spent with all the brokers and their individual sales agents.

Advertising. After evaluation, all the complex details are arranged in a simple format so that advertisements, signs and brochures are designed to create interest even in prospects who aren’t actively in the market. the right promotion opens up possibilities.

Comprehensive. Brochures and advertisements are properly targeted and widely disseminated to the target groups which include thousands of in-house prospects, specialized mailing lists, chambers of commerce, quasi-governmental industry support groups, real estate brokers, ‘hot’ industries and ‘hot’ neighborhoods.

Data Base. Our state-of-the-art computer systems offer incredible speed and efficiency in matching properties to prospects. Information on properties newly entered into the systems will be automatically be sent to suitable prospects on file.

Expertise. We don’t just sell property, we sell solutions to problems. Once the prospects have been identified, our sales force goes to work to fan the interest, solve the problems and negotiate the transaction. Our dedicated people are not only experts in their field but highly knowledgeable in such related areas as finance, quasi-governmental industry support groups, zoning, building codes and transportation. if we don’t have the answers we know where to find them. Fast.

Timing. Our experience and expertise make us uniquely sensitive to market conditions. We know once the prime prospects have been reached the most serious offers will be forthcoming. Final negotiations must commence taking into consideration the general economic conditions and up-to-the-minute New York real estate conditions and trends.